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June 2, 2017

Check out this amazing review for Earth No. 105 by an amazing author, Tabi Slick.


Earth No_ 105

May 8, 2017

Earth No. 105 Updates

Earth No. 105 the audiobook coming this fall.

Earth No. 105 and Earth No. 105: Birth to be released in print this fall.

Earth No. 20: Imprisoned expected release by year end. If you thought Danna was crazy in Birth, prepare yourself for Imprisoned.

“Aww, Zander darling. Always so grim. Cheer up chap. Let’s do something fun today like roast marshmallows or reduce the population.”

Earth No. 20 Imprisoned

April 21, 2017

Earth No. 105 the AUDIOBOOK is currently in production. Here is a sample of Chapter 7.

April 7, 2017

It’s here. The weekend of B2BCYCON 2017 and Earth No. 105 is representing. Where can you find Earth No. 105? Visit the Book Expo. Enter the giveaways. Follow the Blog Hop.

But the event of events is THE PORTAL. Created by authors Lyra Shanti and Ame Terra, this contest is one of a kind taking place at the Sci-Fi Soiree.

image2.JPGThe Soiree is a Facebook event featuring the SciFi authors from B2BCYCON. It starts at 3:00pm and ends at midnight. Lyra’s world and Ame’s world collide when the unexpected happens. Follow the action starting with Lyra at 8:00pm – 9:00pm and then witness the conclusion of the insanity with Ame from 10:00pm – 11:00pm.


Follow this link to find out: https://www.facebook.com/events/1466110423422872/

March 31, 2017


March 30, 2017


March 26, 2017

And now without further ado…

a snippet from E.M. Swift-Hook’s Doubled Spirit

featuring Jazatar Baldrick

with special guest, Darek Kemp from Earth No. 105

Read Doubled Spirit in full at:



An explosion crumpling the building to his right as if it were paper.

Three more blasts in quick succession, the last close enough to spew out a lethal hail of masonry. The kinetic shielding on his armaments belt protected him so the rubble bounced away, but the screaming beside him was cut off abruptly. What had been two human beings a moment before, was now a pulped mess.

To his left stood a man with his arms held out in front of him, veins bursting from his tanned skin. He was clenching his fists in rapid succession at speeds he could not comprehend. The rubble was crumbling to dust around him. As if in a time warp, he smiled appearing almost bored with his task as he yelled out over the chaos.

“Hey. I’m Darek Kemp. Best surfer on any Earth. Looked like you need a hand and I was just flying by.”

And with that, the flyboy took flight and the air was still.


A shattering silence followed. Jaz had no time to wonder what was going on, who that had been or where they had sprung from. He could see troops advancing – eight – and five more still in cover behind them according to the Lattice screen. With three bursts he dropped two of the nearest, the rest scattered for cover.

“Leader Four-Delta from Prime. Withdraw immediately.”

The voice in his ears at last.


Relaying the order to his three surviving team members, Jaz put down covering fire as they retreated. The Lattice was pounding him with information through his scalp implanted data-port, faster than he could absorb it: numbers and location of the enemy, their armaments, expected movements, ground plans, suggested paths he could take. More.



“Leader Four-Delta from Prime. Lattice is showing you are surrounded. We are unable to support. Repeat. Unable to support.” A pause, before the voice added: “You’re on your own out there, Jaz.”

“Acknowledged.” Snarling the word, he focused on keeping up covering fire. He knew they were surrounded. He could see what was going on. The handful of Special Legion troops he had been given for this job were being sacrificed – a feint – so the rest of his unit could hit the main enemy base largely unopposed. Except of course no one had told him that. It crossed his mind to wonder who he had pissed off enough so they chose him for this suicide run. If – when – he got out of this he would find out and make them pay. Then the thought occurred that it was probably nothing personal at all. When you were living out a death sentence, you shouldn’t be too surprised to be treated as completely expendable.


“Well that’s not very polite now is it?” Darek landed positioning himself defensively back to back. He was wearing surf shorts and flip-flops like he just left the beach. “Looks like we’re surrounded. What now boss?”

“Now we get out of here,” Jaz said, tightly, “I want to prove those bastards wrong.”

A sudden blossom of light caught one of the three whose retreat Jaz was covering. It impacted in the centre of the spine and the figure’s arms went wide, briefly embracing air that was suddenly red with a haze of vaporised blood, flesh and entrails. Jaz swore and pulled a grenade loose from his belt, sending it in a skillful parabola back towards the enemy to cover his own retreat.

Darek was proving to be an effective teammate. He disintegrated anything in their path as he plucked the guns from the hands of the visible enemy, telekinetically. He hummed a tune that sounded like a nursery rhyme and smiled, seemingly unfazed that his life could be over with one missstep.

Another of Jaz’s surviving team went down to a sniper shot, but the third was trying to offer what covering fire she could from behind a partially demolished building and was being pretty effective. Jaz ran, rolled, then vaulted the lowest part of the wall, crouching beside her, checking Lattice screens, looking for any way out for them.

“Nice shooting young lady. I am Darek Kemp. Best surfer on any Earth…shit. Look out!” Darek warned and took flight.

More blasts exploded on either side and the world disintegrated. Finding himself suddenly under a pile of tumbling masonry, Jaz shook free of it like a wet dog shedding water. But beside him one arm was all that was visible from beneath the rubble – that and the blood. He started running again.

“You got some muscle I see. The girl?” Darek asked flying beside him. Jaz shook his head quickly and got back to the business of focusing on the mission. This was not how it was normally, this was strange…

Watching the environment.

Watching the screens.

Checking the Lattice data overlays.

A movement on the screen broke the profile of the low rise building beside Jaz, some kind of accommodation block. Appearing on screen: ground-plans, elevations, positions of people, their predicted paths. The data projected into his visual field, augmenting his reality. He turned, raking fire across the facade. A figure fell and a fusillade of energy fire came his way from the building.

“I’m seeing six assholes and some big ass guns.” Darek announced Jaz stared at him, wondering just how the hell he could know that and Darek offered an explanation with an innocent shrug of his shoulders. “You got muscles, I can see through shit. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back boss.”

Then the Lattice visual was showing Jaz six men in the building. Lattice data was telling him they were armed with anti-mech heavy weaponry, which he knew they would now be turning on him. The energy threshold of his kinetic shield would be zero defence against that kind of power. Lattice data flashed up a helpful message warning him of the over-ride risk. Better late than never. He cancelled it and pumped more of the adrenalin based cocktail of drugs through the intravenous clip fixed into his torso. Speed was his only defence now and not much of one.

He ran. Darek flew.

Who the hell was this freak and where had he come from? But there was no time to question it.

Using cover. Darek disintegrated the enemy.

Changing course. Darek dived and dipped in the air.

His whole focus on making that speed.

The buildings ended in a high wall and as he made the final sprint towards it, he tried to decide between tracking along it for a break or scaling it and risking exposure. Checking Lattice screens for the information he needed to inform the decision. A close burn sent him diving into the last available cover before the wall but –

The screens all went dark and a mild voice was speaking calmly in his ear:

“You are not logged on to the Lattice. Please be aware when the countdown hits zero your brain implants will self-destruct – you are not -”

Fuck the bastards.

Jaz cancelled the voice and ignored the timer as its chilling digits counted down his heartbeats on the edge of his visual field. There was nothing he could do. The coms drone has been pulled out leaving him to die. For a moment he felt the futility of fighting. They had abandoned him, he was not going to get out this time.

“Boss? What’s the plan?” Darek asked. “You do have one right?”

Jaz shook his head.

Then he heard it.

Distant sounds of a fire-fight.

He felt an almost dizzying rush of relief – these were the sounds of death that offered him some small hope of life. A moment later he was up and running.

“Ah, the wall. You know I can fly you up…”

Somehow Jaz was not inclined to trust that so freeing the climbing line on the belt, he fired the grapnel, barely waiting for it to impact before swarming up the high wall. He felt incredibly vulnerable – naked to the guns behind. Then he was flattening himself, sliding over the top, dropping down and sprinting.

“Or not. Look out!”

The warning came just as a trace of light caught in his peripheral vision, making him break into an evasive diving roll. He saw, not felt, the next splash of energy. The shock of it impacted afterwards, horrific and crippling, tearing out his strength and will.

He hit the ground and stayed down, unable to rise, unable to think, his consciousness hollowed out by the pain.

Darek slapped his face repeatedly. He could barely make out his words. “Hang on Boss. Hang on. Someone is coming. One of your people.”

Time fragmented.

Awareness shrank.

The smell of the dark ground beneath his face, musty and sweet – an alien soil. The beat of his heart timing the steady flick of numbers that counted down to the moment oblivion would devour him.

March 17, 2017

The only safe place left in Aaricem was the Safe House. Until it wasn’t.

The Safe House.jpg

March 10, 2017

Earth No. 105: Birth gaining exposure with some 5 star reviews:

Fast paced prequel

By Amazon Customer on March 9, 2017

Verified Purchase

Earth No. 105: Birth is the Prequel to Earth no. 105 (DUH). In this book, you get to live in the bonds of friendship between all the alpha males Jash, Darek, Zander. The bonds of male friendship are strong “bros before hoes and all that” until…..two pregnancies changes the game for everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the beginning of earth 105 whereas the first book tells the story of its demise. And of course, we get to see more of the super-villain crazy Danna. I hope to read more about these characters!

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing storyline

By Susan on March 5, 2017

Set in a futuristic world of the 105th version of Earth, I became immersed in the beginning or birth of this particular version. Everyone senses that this version is different from the others. The psycho Danna seems even more evil as she plans how to obliterate this one. I was transfixed through the entire story. The pacing was perfect the dialogue immensely entertaining.

March 5, 2017

Earth No. 105 had two 5 star reviews over the weekend. Here’s what readers are saying:

Awesome futuristic world
By Susan

I thoroughly enjoyed this great sci-fi story. It takes place in the 105th version of earth where a psycho ‘leader’ destroys one earth after another. Only the Immunes will survive its destruction to begin once again. But now they have a strong addition to the battle against leader. A couple of teens with strong powers join the Immunes they just need to learn how to use their newly discovered talent and time is not on their side.
The author deftly switches POV’s between the struggling teens and Tova, an older married mother of two who is saved by her best friend and a hot stranger who plays the role of her bodyguard. Well drawn characters throughout, I could feel their fear and frustration. Highly recommended.

A genius blend of genres with something for Everyone!
By Amazon Customer

This book was amazeballs. The author’s writing was strong, concise and did a superb job of weaving in very intricate plot points among action, romance, supernatural powers and human elements that are very relatable.
There are several main characters in this story with a little something for every reader to enjoy. We have the young high school kids with unaware of their own superpowers. We have the push/pull between parents and their kids.
We have a crazy supervillain who does it all out of her obsession for a man who no longer wants her… and a housewife whose life is so relatable when she falls out of love with her career-obsessed husband who is never around.
This book was a creative mix of sci-fi/dystopian/paranormal and romance and the mix made me stay up all night reading! Onto the next one because I need to know what happens next!

March 3, 2017

Join the crew of Earth No. 105 at the Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo

April 7 – 9 at http://www.b2bcycom.com.


February 27, 2017

specimenIn a burst, the stall door opens and Danna is in the shower with me. “Zander, we need to talk.”

She is naked. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen Danna naked or the first time she’s seen me. Danna thrives on tension, and sexual tension is her favorite kind but the old Danna would never be this direct. The old Danna gave you a glimpse here, a peek there, as if it were by chance. The tension was in the anticipation. This Danna is bold and brazen. I am not ready for it.

“What the fuck Danna? Get the fuck out!” I scream at her.

“Oh relax Zander. Your little secret is safe with me,” she says, ignoring my demands. Little secret? What’s that’s supposed to mean?

Danna continues without the least bit of concern for my privacy. “Here’s the thing, Zander. This Earth is already boring me. I need Jash. This is the Earth that I will have him. What say you, Tiny?”

Tiny? “Danna get out. Please,” I try a softer approach.

She peruses my body with hungry eyes. A few stray strands of her long, black hair stick to her face. Her deviant blue eyes return to mine and she bites her lip provocatively. Fuck she is killing me. Hold your position asshole. Don’t submit to this neurotic temptress. I take a deep breath. This is a test. I’ve never failed this test before but something is different on this Earth. I surrender my resolve and let my eyes wander. Perfection.

“Zander my boy. Have I finally broken you?” Her condescending tone breaks me from my momentary lack of control.

“Get the fuck out Danna,” I hiss through gritted teeth.

“OK. OK. I’m out.” She leaves the stall and I turn the water to cold. Crazy, psycho, bitch.


Earth No. 105: Birth

Zander Chale – Chapter 5/The New Danna/Day 3

February 25, 2017

Faaric…according to Ryker and Luna, it’s the best place on Earth. Until it wasn’t.


January 27, 2017

Want to know more about the boys of Earth No. 105? Join them for a whiskey or two or three at the West Side Tavern. Read the interview at Zora Marie today.


January 23, 2017

Ame Terra will be hosting a release party on Wednesday, January 25th at 10:00pm EST at Book Born. Stop by at facebook.com/groups/bookborn to win $10 Amazon gift cards and the Earth No. 105 series book bundle.

January 18, 2017

Earth No. 105: Birth is now available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and iBooks. Shop here.

January 17, 2017

Earth No. 105: Birth has finally been sent to distribution by my publisher. Expect to see at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks and other retailers shortly.

Welcome to Earth No. 105, Day 2.2 where we find Zander, Jash and Darek attempting to navigate their way through the hell Danna has created. All is new. New and dangerous. Something is different about this Earth. Earth no. 105 has delivered a demon. A demon named Danna.

Against their better judgment, the friends allow themselves to indulge in the simple pleasures typical of single men in their 30’s, partying and dating. But they are not typical single men, they are Prime Immunes gifted with powers, who should know better than to fall in love with non-Immunes.

Confused by the new Danna and misguided by love, the three friends struggle to maintain their sanity. The master seductress has Zander on his knees. The leader of the Immunes is failing to protect them, leaving his loyalty in question. While Danna toys with Zander, Jash is on the verge of losing control, Darek releases his dark side and the Clairvoyant warns of a inconceivable future. This is Earth No. 105. Welcome to wacko.

January 10, 2017

Jabpun Fever has destroyed Cetabri City. We have been told that if residents have not yet evacuated, they will be left there to die.

Cetabri City.jpg

January 4, 2017

The Conspectus – Earth No. 105: Birth


Ryker’s Immune Mix Tape


This video is for mature audiences. For the best viewing experience, click HD in the lower right corner and view full screen. Enjoy!

Wine Tasting with Tova


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Whiskey Talk with the Boys


This video is for mature audiences. For the best viewing experience, click HD in the lower right corner and view full screen. Enjoy!

December 23, 2016

Today Ame Terra is the featured author at www.jesseteller.com.

December 13, 2016

Indie Writers Cooperative – Annual Christmas Event

December 17th & 18th
Indie Writers Cooperative presents their Annual Christmas Event where authors have hourly slots to do…what? Tune in and find out.

Ame Terra’s Happy Hour will take place on Sunday, December 18th from 9pm – 10pm. Drinks on me!

December 9, 2016

Character Interview Poster

character interviews4.jpg

December 4, 2016

Ame Terra will be the featured author at http://lsmith335.wix.com/laura-smith-author on Monday, December 5, 2016 and giving away 5 copies of Earth No. 105. Cheers!

November 29, 2016


We materialize on the beach and Jash initiates beach set up; leave it to Jash to bring a blanket and cooler. Anwen is wonderstruck as she whirls in circles surveying the land.

“It’s breathtaking,” she beams short of breath and wobbling in the sand, trying to secure her footing.

Jash approaches, handing us each a cup filled with wine like an attentive host. He winks at us then hightails it back to his girls who already have their clothes off and are in the water. Jash strips without a care in the world and joins them. I notice Anwen checking him out and I stare at her accusingly.

“What? He’s easy on the eyes,” she replies defensively. I eyeball the naked Jash; that he is, and that is what gets him in so much trouble. How does Anwen resist his magnetism? She isn’t drawn to his Jashness. I hang my head and chuckle. Jashness. It’s what Darek and I dubbed his seductive magnetism power back on Earth 20 when we met. It still makes me laugh.

“What are you laughing at?” Anwen asks.

“Nothing. It’s just been a crazy day. Shall we?” I suggest as I take her hand and stroll down the beach. We walk quietly and slowly, at peace, listening to the breakers crash along the shore. Anwen’s hair blows in the wind, bringing back the curliness she tried so hard to tame for the party. The wind carries the fragrance of her shampoo to my heightened sense of smell. Strawberries.

“So what else can you guys do?” she asks breaking the silence just as Darek emerges, skimming the ocean, Azzurra in his arms.

“Well, then there’s that,” I point out Darek’s aeronautics. She gasps in disbelief and I feel a slight pang of jealousy. The flyboy always dazzles.

Earth No. 105: Birth

Zander Chale – Chapter 9/Merrymaking/Day 3.8

November 28, 2016

Editing of Earth No. 105: Birth is complete and the cover has been finalized. Expect to see it released by year end.


November 22, 2016

Ame Terra will be the featured author Saturday, November 26, 2016 at SciFan. Stop by for giveways and a sneak peek at my next book – Earth No. 105: Birth.


November 12, 2016


Start the adventure of Lily and Cole at: The Virtual Book Fair

Then follow Lily and Cole to Earth No. 105 where they enjoy a cup of coffee with two teenage mutants from X-Men:

“What the—” Luna and I proclaimed in unison as we shielded our eyes from the bright glow. Two bodies materialized from the illumination. They stood centered in the subway entrance. We exchanged a dumbfounded glance and I said telepathically, “they must be Immune.”

“Um…what…where…who are you?” I stammered.

They glared at us wide-eyed then scanned their bodies. They patted themselves aggressively as if to confirm their existence. They didn’t speak. Maybe they didn’t speak Aaricem.

Luna asked the question before I was able to gather my thoughts. “Do you speak Aaricem?”

“Aaricem? You mean English? Where are we?” the young man babbled with a frightened expression and darting, dark eyes. English? English was their language?

He turned his full attention to his attractive travel companion, tugged on her coat and pleaded with her in a hushed, desperate whisper. “Let’s just go. Make that thing work again!”      

She fumbled with a blue gem, twisting and turning its levers, pushing at the stone frantically trying to make it respond. It was obvious she had no idea what the thing actually did.

“Is that how you got here?” Luna asked softly. She was intrigued by the blue gem and approached to get a better look. The blonde beauty quickly hid the contraption and her tall dark protector took a defensive position by her side which stopped Luna’s advance.

“Now Lily!” he hissed loudly through gritted teeth.

“It won’t work!” Lily yelled back, terrified.

I decided it was time to diffuse their hysteria, as entertaining as it was. “How about we all take a breath and relax. Let’s start from the beginning. I’m Ryker Chale and this is Luna Koen. We don’t bite…well I don’t bite, watch her.” Luna punched me in the shoulder. The tension in the air lightened.

“Cole Grave and Lily Dane,” Cole handled the introductions while his distrustful eyes inspected his surroundings. “You said Aaricem? Is that where we are?” he questioned thoughtfully.

Before I could respond, Luna jumped in. She was growing impatient and wanted answers from our mystery guests. “Actually, this is Cetabri City, the largest city in Aaricem. Where did you come from?”

“San Francisco,” Lily confessed. Cole rolled his eyes knowing he had lost control of the investigation.

I sensed this wasn’t the first time he had blindly followed Lily into a bad situation. He let out a heavy defeated sigh and hung his head when he spoke. “I met Ms. Dane for lunch at the auction house,” he gave Ms. Dane a soft, friendly smile and continued, “and as usual she just had to mess around with things she has no business messing with…and now…here we are. With no way home apparently,” he concluded glaring at Lily. Lily just shrugged. She was still fiddling with the transport thing. San Francisco? I had never heard of it.

“Where is San Francisco?” I asked the distracted Cole who was performing a visual inspection of the city streets and skyline.

“This seems familiar…but different…” he said slowly. He gazed up at the buildings and spun in a circle, deep in thought then returned his attention to me. “San Fran? The Golden Gate bridge? Alcatraz?” I looked to Luna who shook her head. We had no clue what Cole was talking about. He ignored our puzzled faces and continued his research. “I’ve definitely been here before. Lil—” Lily cut him off.

“New York… It’s New York,” she growled annoyed. “I give up. I can’t get it to work,” she conceded and fisted the transport device as if she wanted to throw it down the subway stairs. In a defeated huff, her arms fell to her sides and she accidently dropped the defective device to the ground. Luna pounced seeing her opportunity.

“Don’t!” Lily begged but she was too late. Luna had possession of the transporter.

“It’s a pendant—a piece of jewelry. It has some sort of force…magic…” Luna trailed off deep in thought. She closed her eyes and ran her hand over the gem slowly. When she opened her eyes, she quickly returned the pendant to Lily, as if she saw a ghost.

“So who wants some coffee?” I suggested and gestured for them to follow. We ran down the stairs and rushed to catch the loading train. The train was full and loud. Cole’s eyes studied the subway car with intensity. Could this be his first time on a subway?

“What? No subways in San Fron?” I teased.

He smiled and retorted proudly, “we have the BART.” I was about to ask what the heck a BART is when a tall, dirty man entered the subway car wearing a body sign that stated: Aaricem United. Take Back Our Country. Say No To Outsiders.

“What’s that all about?” Lily asked nervously. I noticed Cole move closer to her protectively.

“Aaricem is suffering a food shortage. The Tanaiju workers are striking and they control all of Aaricem’s food supply—”

Before Luna could finish, Cole interrupted, “Tanaiju?”

“It’s a country to the south of Aaricem,” Luna advised and pulled out her phone to show him on the map.

He pointed at the phone and raised an eyebrow skeptically. “That, my friend, is Mexico.” He turned to me for confirmation. I shook my head in disagreement although I had heard that name before. My mom and her crazy music. James Taylor. Mexico.

“You guys are from San Fron—Fran—show me on the map,” I demanded. Lily pointed to the opposite coast of Aaricem.

Luna peered over my shoulder at the phone. She placed a hand on Lily’s shoulder and advised, “no one lives there. It’s a dead zone.”

“This is our stop,” I announced.

“Dead zone,” Lily murmured to herself.

As we exited the subway, Cole bombarded me with questions about Aaricem.

“What do you mean dead zone? What about Chicago—Denver—Miami?” he walked along briskly and held up the map pointing to the upper central part of Aaricem where it borders Danaca.

Chicago? Denver? Miami? What was he talking about?

“Goachic. Been there. Damn good pizza,” I said and noticed that Cole and Lily were standing in front of the coffee shop with eyes wide and mouths open.

“You do have coffee where you come from?” Luna asked the gawkers concerned.

“Starbucks,” they said at the same time. Luna raised an eyebrow at me. Cole was frantically pointing at the symbol that brands all of Aaricem’s coffee shops, a green circle with a long-haired woman donning a star crown.

“No…coffee shop,” I said slowly and pointed to the words that appeared above and below the symbol with my finger like an elementary school teacher.

“This is a damn Starbucks!” Cole yelled. He was becoming frustrated with his current situation. We needed to get them home, or a coffee, or both.

“Come on. Let’s have a coffee and before you know it, you’ll be on your way home,” Luna suggested.

“Home? When can we go home?” Lily asked. Luna’s expression was grim. I sent her a telepathic message. “Just tell them. They are about as freaked out as they can be anyway.”

Luna nodded and explained. “The pendant. It needs six hours to recharge, then you just line it up and push the gem.” Lily and Cole eyed each other and a glow of relief cascaded over their faces.

Luna and Lily ordered the coffees while Cole and I sat at the table. He furiously pointed at images on my phone. He questioned me like the host of a game show during the speed round.    “Mid-Town Tower,” I advised.

“Wrong. Empire State Building. And this?” he asked.

“Aaricem Burger,” I answered only to be corrected again.

“Wrong. McDonalds,” he said and held his hand over his forehead.

“This?” he asked and pointed to a country on the map.

“Lytia,” I said.

“Wrong again. Italy. It’s Italy. Have you been?” he asked.

I glanced over to Luna and Lily before I responded. They were on their way to the table with the coffees. “Yes. I went with my mom on a business trip.”

“To Rome?” he asked with a hopeful expression on his face.

“To Central City,” I said and his head fell to the table in frustration and popped back up when the girls arrived with the coffees.

Lily handed Cole a coffee and reported, “Just coffee. No Frappuccino’s. No Smoothies. Just coffee from Lytia or Faaric. Apparently they are out of Tanaiju because of the food strike.” She let loose a disbelieving laugh. Cole continued inspecting my phone as I sipped my coffee.

“Check this out Lil. The playlist. Heavy 1, Heavy 2, Soft 10. What the hell?” He laughed at my music which I took offense to.

“That’s some good stuff right there. I have good taste in music, right Luna?” She nodded in agreement.

Cole regarded me skeptically. “No Beasties. No Rage Against the Machine. How do you even know the artist when it’s labeled one, two, three?”

“There is only one Heavy 1, only one song, one singer,” Luna explained but she appeared perplexed and not convinced of her own description.

“I know the Beastie Boys. My mom has that. Brass Monkey,” I said as my mind swirled in thoughts. He had a point. My mom’s music had names or “artists” as Cole called them. Who was Heavy 1 exactly?

Cole considered us skeptically across the table. “You two don’t seem the least bit fazed that we just materialized out of the sky. Why are you so calm?” I shared a glance with Luna and it was decided. They would be leaving soon and would take our secret with them.

“Because of this,” Luna said and before anyone could react, she grabbed all of us and teleported us to San Fron.

“Is that the bridge you were talking about?” I asked after we materialized. Cole and Lily were shaking.

“How did you do that? Where is everybody? This bridge should be packed with cars,” Lily proclaimed panicked.

“I told you, this place is abandoned,” I reconfirmed. “I’m not sure why but no one has ever lived here in my lifetime.”

Luna took Cole and Lily by the shoulders and walked them to the edge of the water. The bridge Cole called “Golden Gate” loomed high above us and was not actually golden but red. Luna prepared our visitors for the show.

“Watch this. Ryker if you would be so kind…” She gestured for me to begin the performance. I turned to face the water, closed my eyes and raised my hands like a conductor standing in front of an orchestra. I commanded the water into a spout, sent it swirling under the bridge and then forced it to waterfall over it. I moved the water around the bay, made it dance and twist, separate and collide, all with the flip of my wrist. Cole and Lily watched with a mix of admiration and horror. Finally, I allowed the water to retreat to its normal ebb and flow and Luna applauded enthusiastically.

“Whoa—real life X-Men,” Cole exclaimed.

“Do I even want to know what X-Men are?” Luna asked laughing.

Lily reached in her pocket and pulled out the pendant. It was pulsating with a blue glow. It was time.

“Time to go,” Luna advised. Cole and Lily stood close to each other and stared down at the blue, glowing gem. The wind had picked up and the water, which was calm just a minute before, was now choppy and angry and I was not the cause. Lily’s hands were on the levers of the pendant, ready to position them. Anxious to go home.

“Ready?” Lily yelled to Cole over the howling wind. Cole gave us a thankful but devilish smile and shouted, “Seriously, what is this place?”

“Earth No. 105,” Luna screamed to him as Lily moved the levers and they disappeared.

November 4, 2016

In the blink of an eye, you could win a giveaway of Ame Terra’s book Earth No. 105.  Look for the logo below every day during the Virtual Book Fair, November 12th to November 21st on our Facebook page and the first person to request a copy wins.


October 31, 2016

During The Virtual Book Fair, November 12, 2016 to November 21, 2016, Earth No. 105 will be offered at $.99.  Shop here.


October 24, 2016

Earth No. 105 has been selected for The Virtual Book Fair – November 12, 2016 to November 21, 2016.


October 22, 2016


He holds out a scroll with a shaking hand. I take it from him and thank him. We all just stand there awkwardly.

“Yes, yes, how much?” I nod, reaching in my pocket for some cash.

I’m sure that is what he is waiting for. A payment. He’s probably going to get a chuckle later about selling two scared kids a useless scroll.

He brings his face very close to mine. Examining my eyes. Then he smiles. “You have your mother’s eyes. No money,” he mutters, shaking his head, and starts the long, slow journey back to his TV.

“Wait. How do you know my mother?” Who is this dude? Could he be the music guy? Makes sense.

“You’re the guy! The guy who sold her the music,” I say to him, pointing and smiling. “Wait until I tell her . . .” I stop, knowing damn well I can’t tell her I was here. She would kill me.

“You know this guy?” Luna asks, looking from me to him and back again. I’m about to explain when the old guy speaks again.

“Open it,” he growls, grimacing in pain and returning to his seat.

I gently unroll the scroll. It is in a language I don’t recognize.

“What language is this?” Luna asks him.

“Find the one who understands and she will end the evil. Now go. It is not safe here.” He gives us a dismissive wave, completely focused on his TV.

“Wait. How do we fin . . .” Luna starts, but the old man doesn’t let her finish.

“Go!” he commands angrily. Luna sticks the scroll in her bag and we exit the store.

Ryker Chale – Chapter 10


October 11, 2016

Amazon Review

By Penelope J. Hoyt  on October 11, 2016

Loved this book. Check it out! It’s not a serious Sci Fi book and it’s not a serious romance, but a little bit of both and it makes for a good story. Can’t wait for the next book in this series to come out.

October 5, 2016

Earth No. 105 posted to R&R at www.ultimatefantasybooks.com


September 30, 2016

Earth No. 105 release announcement in Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly.



September 30, 2016


“So Jash,” I say as I tap my fingers on the table. They are shaking a little. Maybe I have a drinking problem. That wine is taking too long. I look around for the racist bitch. She has my wine. Bring it, now!

“So Jash what? Tova? Earth to Tova?” Jash is waving his hand in front of my face.

“So, so what? Right. I was going to ask.” The wine is here. I drink half the glass while Jash, Rena, and the racist bitch all stare at me. When I come up for air, I look at my menu and order a burger, extra pickles. Rena and Jash order salads. Salads and water. Wine and a burger.

“You were going to ask?” Jash continues.

“Where are you from?” I blurt out.

Jash is confused by my question. He glances around the room like someone might be listening. Like someone undercover.

“Cetabri City. You know that,” he answers shortly.

“No. I mean, what country? Jabpun?” I ask, irritated by the shortness.

“I am of Jabpun descent, sort of,” says the king of vagueness.

Well isn’t that a sweet, cryptic slice of bullshit with a shake of seduction. It’s not what I ordered.

Tova Jurek – Chapter 21

September 20, 2016

Earth No. 105 is now available at ebooks.com.


September 17, 2016

Cover sample – Earth No. 105: Birth


September 15, 2016

Barnes & Noble Review


I was asked by the author for an honest review. It was a quick read with a unique concept and characters who will appeal to most readers. The book is written by alternating between Ryker and Tova who are both living separate lives during the same crisis.

Ryker is a 17 year old senior who lives in Cetabri City with his mother. The relationship between mother and son is close one but his mother is hiding information about his father, who he has never met. Ryker meets Luna, both wear identical rings, The Wearers of the Rings. Both have powers and are overwhelmed when they begin to surface amidst a terrorist attack on the city. Ryker and Luna are adorable as they fall in love, discover their powers and avoid the chaos around them. With the help of Mr. Mannes, their economics teacher, they are guided where they belong, with a group called Immunes and Ryker discovers the secret his mother has kept from him all those years.

Ryker is a likable character, a good kid who has a bit of a temper but is generally kind and considerate. I enjoyed the early courtship between Luna and Ryker, Luna seemingly not giving him the time of day and Ryker’s constant attempt to figure her out, the girl with eyes like moons.

Tova is a rich non-working mom who lives in Krenaw City with her two young children, a husband she hates and a trusted housekeeper, Rena. Early in the book, her husband Shem dies of Jabpun fever, just one of the “Acquisitions” released in the terrorist attack on Aaricem, Earth’s largest country. Alina is Tova’s best friend and the executive director of the ATA, Aaricem Terrorist Agency and once the evacuation of Krenaw City begins, she assigns Jash Majeed as Tova’s transport and protector to a government run safe house. Tova and Jash, thrown together by conflict, fall in love, much to Jash’s dismay. He has secrets to keep and Tova is uncontrollable. In the end, Jash must make a hard decision. A decision that will have consequences.

Tova is a bit of a scatterbrain and emotional but always manages to hold it together. She is funny. I enjoyed the relationship between Tova and Alina, complete opposites but their love and friendship is solid through the end. Jash is a sexy mystery, a man with a hidden past and many secrets left unanswered for the next books in the series.

The villain of this Earth is Danna. She creates and destroys Earths at her leisure and she is completely insane. This is the 105th Earth and she plans it’s destruction like she’s playing a game of battleship. The Immunes plot against Danna but Jash’s decision causes their efforts to be derailed.

Overall I enjoyed the book and look forward to the next one.

September 14, 2016

Amazon Review

I loved this book

By SkyeLyn on September 14, 2016

I loved this book. It is an easy read and hard to put down. It bounces between two characters, Ryker and Tova, documenting their parallel lives while the country they live in, Aaricem, is being terrorized. The relationship that develops between Ryker and Luna is adorable as Ryker fumbles to gain her affection like a typical high school senior. I also like how they both come into their powers together, not knowing what is happening to them and how together they find a way to cope. Tova and Jash take to their relationship as two consenting adults should during a terrorist attack, fast and hot. In the end, we find out who Jash really is as Ryker and Tova’s lives co-mingle without either of them knowing it. The ending leaves you wanting to know what happens next which I assume will be the next book in the series as this is book 1. Looking forward to book 2. If you like Sci-Fi/Paranormal romance that’s light on the Sci-Fi and leans more towards romance/relationship development, this is the book for you.

September 13, 2016


“Just have to grab my phone. I’ll meet you in the car,” I advise Rena.

Always misplacing my phone. I find it in the kitchen, snatch it from the counter, and turn to find Shem blocking me.

He stands unnervingly close. I smell the scent of the shaving cream on his smooth jaw, which triggers images I am trying to delete. His eyes move along my body, blueprinting and deconstructing.

“You look good, Tova.” His voice a provocative whisper. A silent challenge. Time slows. My resistance teetering.

Shem is the first to break. He closes his eyes and runs a hand over his face, wiping away the passion and replacing it with cold detachment. My Shem is back. The heartless model. The one I know how to operate.

“What time will you be home?” he demands coldly, and normalcy returns.

“No clue.” I power by him and head out the door to the waiting car.

Tova Jurek – Chapter 9

September 9, 2016

Earth No. 105 is now on Goodreads.


September 2, 2016


Luna and I scan the website www.whoisleader.com for two hours.  That’s twenty dollars to read a bunch of idiots expressing their doom-and-gloom theories.  I have to admit, some of the theories are interesting.  One writer breaks it down with perfect simplicity:

Tanaiju = food

Ankrog = money

Jabpun = health

Aaricem = dependent

Ryker Chale – Chapter 7

August 29, 2016

Earth No. 105 blurb:

This is Earth No. 105. Create, destroy, and repeat.  But 105 is different.  It is like no other Earth.

The condition of being free from all flaws and defects is a condition which often requires repetition. Constant failure of said repetition often results in insanity.  This insanity must end.


Tova Jurek is a middle-aged wealthy housewife living in the snobby upper class suburb of Krenaw City. Across the river is Cetabri City where Jabpun fever has just been unleashed.  The latest terrorist attack to hit Aaricem, Earth’s largest country and economic strong hold.  Shem Jurek, Tova’s narcissistic husband and father of her two children, has been exposed by infected co-workers and is in lockdown at Cetabri Funds.  Locked down to die.  Alina Lon, Tova’s best friend and executive director of the Aaricem Terrorist Agency, assigned Jash Majeed to be Tova’s bodyguard.  Jash’s job was to keep Tova safe.  Falling in love was not in the job description. 

Ryker Chale is a seventeen year old senior at Cetabri City High School. On the first day of senior year, he meets Luna Koen; a beautiful girl with blue eyes the size of moons.  The intensity of their attraction, their connection, is unearthly.  Both wear identical rings, plain bands made of a shiny black stone.  Ryker received his as a gift from his father.  The father he never met.  Luna bought hers at a thrift shop.  The Wearers of the Rings navigate the terrorist attacks on Cetabri City while changes to their bodies and minds manifest quickly like the chaos that surrounds them.  Something supernatural is happening to them.  As they search for answers, their love for each other grows, as does the hell that consumes them.

Followers of Libro Illustrato can request a free copy of Ame Terra’s book Earth No. 105 by email at ameterra@comcast.net.  Enjoy!

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A hybrid, sci-fi romance e-book by Ame Terra.  Available now at iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.