Recencione del Libro – Zin’s Wild Ride by Lyra Shanti

Zin’s Wild Ride by Lyra Shanti

Zin's Wild Ride

Zin’s Wild Ride is a short story about an eight year old rascal, Zin Ra and his rebellious runaway gone wrong.

Zin just wants to be a musician but his overbearing father expects his future prince to be a scientist and warrior. The best scientist and warrior in the galaxy to be exact. Talk about pressure. Ease up Pops. Mischievous Zin decides the show must go on, so he does what any eight year old runaway would do… he steals a ship.

The guards are in hot pursuit of the tongue waging scalawag but they can’t catch the rogue prince. Blast off!

This adorable story by Lyra Shanti gives you a glimpse of what a troublemaker Zin Ra is destined to become. It brings back memories of my childhood, good and bad. I too am guilty of hoodwinking my parents. I never stole a spaceship, but I can relate.

A high-speed, space hop leaves the hellion homesick, Zin’s Wild Ride is a vibrant voyage.

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