Recencione del Libro – Monster (Vertex Book 1) by Soren Summers

Monster (Vertex Book 1) by Soren Summers


“Every vial holds a different liquid memory: joy, birth, blood, fire, fear, regret. Somehow they all taste bitter.”

I read that tweet and thought, what lunacy do we have here and how do I get to crazy town? I set out to exhume the creature, the wicked wordsmith responsible for such a concoction. Certainly he must be monster. Only a monster could create such macabre mastery.

Shovel in hand, I dug and dug (a.k.a. internet stalking) searching for creepy but all I found was charming. A charming, funny, gay author with a sexy pseudonym, Soren Summers. His Vertex series starts with Monster and as the name suggests, it’s a beast.

How’s your 9-5 going? How many times a day do you mouth the words “I hate my fucking job?” Before I read Monster, I couldn’t count that high. After my employee orientation at Vertex, I’ll gladly bang my head against that glass ceiling for years to come.

Vertex is written as a character in itself, a conglomerate mass of power and potential. A corporation with titanic trade secrets and contracts with the Devil. Publically, Vertex performs research for the betterment of mankind. Privately, Vertex performs torture for the betterment of the stockholders. The employees of Vertex turn a blind eye to the trials, transformations and terrors of the test subjects. No whistle blowers. No union representation. Just forced loyalty programs, persuasive compensation and a damn good cafeteria plan (just don’t eat the deserts).

Jarod Samuels is a veteran employee of Vertex’s Waste Management department. Sounds harmless but trust me; it’s not about sorting paper and plastic. It’s more like scouring flesh and fluids. And running.

Running is a hiring requirement. Jarod, having peaked in high school, was a track star with the plaque to prove it. The best runner at Vertex meets his nemesis when Gabriel Anderson is hired. Not only is the trainee faster than Jarod, the plaque now holds his name.

Gabriel’s plan is simple, be a stellar employee, befriend Samuels and steal the drug that will save the man he considers his father. Child’s play for the child who spent years conning himself into the perfection he sees in the mirror. What he doesn’t expect is that being a stellar employee means killing, befriending Samuels means falling in love and stealing the drug means his whole life goes to shit.

Monster is a malevolent masterpiece. A story written with a graphic expression so vivid, it replays in your mind long after it ends. Monster is heinous, horrific and haunting but it is also beautiful, bewitching and bright. Soren Summers…”You’re the best”.

The MONSTER is out of the closet and he’s dressed to kill.

Buy this book at Amazon.

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