Recencione del Libro – Sweet Discovery by Aliya DalRae

Sweet Discovery by Aliya DalRae

Sweet Discovery

Fallen Cross has become the epicenter of discovery. Discovery and disclosures up the keister. And it’s raining men. Vamps, Shifters, Sorcerers, Werewolves. They all need an ass kicking and they’re all pissing off Jessica Sweet. She has had enough of paranormal men. Enough of their drama. Enough to write her own advice column. The Sweet guide to paranormal men.

What to do…

When you DISCOVER your boyfriend is a blood sucking liar…

Did you did have a vision of your bad boy blood sucker ripping your friend to shreds? If yes, politely confront the fanged freak. Did he deny the trail of blood leading to his doorstep? If yes, your boyfriend is in fact a blood sucking liar. Dump him. Immediately. And if his name is Raven, run.

When you DISCOVER your Mack Daddy is fake news…

Tall, dark and handsome enters the bar and strategically places his perfectly toned torso between you and your margarita. “The names Mac Gatta.” The ladies swoon, the men swoon, the kitties purr. Maybe it’s the rita’s but you’re probably thinking you wouldn’t mind a long haul in that Mac. Do your research. Investigate the perfection. Chances are he’s a shifty shithead feeding you meow mix.

When you DISCOVER a 310 pound Vanna White is your new BFF…

When all your friends are freaks and geeks, you need a “go to guy” when all things vamp and cat go to shit. A protector. A savior. A Harrier. Get yourself a Harrier and keep him close. You’re going to need him, often. And the 310 pound Vanna White reference, he said so himself. For the record.

When you DISCOVER your taste in men kind of sucks…

Grab your girl and hit the club. Be sure to have a loyal non-para friend on call. My margarita messiah is Piper and our booty shaking shack is Peg Leg Chucks, “the reverse mullet of dance clubs”. Let loose while you still can.


Aliya DalRae’s second book of the Jessica Sweet series is one big hot mess after another. Her comedic yet thrilling “hit and run” chapters character jump about and keep you guessing. It’s a fast paced story, full of life changers for Ms. Sweet. Her relationship with Raven is coming unraveled. Her family is growing to reunion style proportions and I expect a new arrival in book three. Sweet Discovery is a fact finding mission that ends with Jessica deeper into the paranormal existence she so desperately wanted out of. But when your boyfriend has fangs and your family has fur, there is no exit.

This book is yummy. Discover for yourself how SWEET it is.

Buy this book at Amazon.


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