Recencione del Libro – Fly by Night by Cris and Clare Meyers

Fly by Night by Cris and Clare Meyers

Fly by Night.jpg

If you’re a bird, I’m a bird. Great line from a great book—The Notebook.

And if you just so happen to be a smart-ass, skinny, binge drinking, computer hacker bird… then I am most definitely a bird.

Fly by Night, the second book of the Criminal Elements series by Cris and Clare Meyers is the story of Rook, a shape-shifter criminal crow with more baggage than a Kardashian vacation. He is the living, breathing Quote of the Day. The master of mockery. A sergeant of sarcasm.

Rook’s past includes more than a few ruffled feathers and all his lampooning can’t hide his pain. His self-ridicule is his mask and his life is a never ending masquerade. The puzzle pieces of his sad past lock into place, chapter by chapter revealing the real Rook, the man behind the mask. The man who went through the most unorthodox method of detoxification known to man… or bird. Yes, I’m being cagey about the details. Read the damn book.

The first book, Playing with Fire ends with Rook taking the heat for the screw job in Seattle. Rook returns to his nest, Philadelphia. Emotionally, he’s broken. Financially, he’s broke. Mentally, he’s breaking. His life takes a swan dive and the bird-brain tries to drown his sorrows with alcohol. Rook finally admits he’s gone crazy as a loon and caws the coyote for help. Medium, also known as Carlos the shape-shifter coyote arrives, but he cannot help his friend. Rook is battling demons. Demons that can only be tamed by the Talent that detests him, Renee Devereaux.

But before Rook can make an appointment with his shrink, Medium is hit, badly. Rook and his crew of angry birds want revenge on those greedy pigs and the king of swine, Nick Dorian. The Seattle flock is in the V formation, V for vengeance. What happens next is epic—epically awful. I yelled at my iPad, “fuck you Nick”, and then apologized to my son’s soccer team. Note to future readers: Do not read Fly by Night at soccer practice.

The team is broken. Devastated by their loss but slowly they mend their broken wings with Rook taking the lead in the retaliation and making himself the target. Another epic battle, this time with a “fuck you Renee,” and a win for the team but Renee has some serious explaining to do.

I read Fly by Night in two days. Rook rocks. Read the damn book. It’s a no brainer. If you don’t like this book, gather your geese and get the flock out of here. You’re dumb as a dodo.

Buy this book at Amazon.

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