Recencione del Libro – Tompkin’s School for the Extraordinarily Talented by Tabi Slick

Tompkin’s School for the Extraordinarily Talented by Tabi Slick

Tompkin's School

Tompkin’s School for the Extraordinarily Talented is not where I went to high school, that’s for sure. Do you remember high school? Picture your teenage self. Hormones, homework, hook ups (FYI, hook ups are now called “Netflix and chill”). Now picture yourself in high school and your mother dies. Major suck right? Before you can even text KMN to your BFF, your father announces his marriage to his mistress. Suck-o-rama!

Listen up kiddos; do not punch your father in the face. Hire someone for that because if you do you’ll find your ass on the next flight out of John Fitzgerald Kennedy and into Will Rogers, sitting in coach next to Izara and Kain Torvik. Bye, bye NYC and hello Tompkin’s boarding school in Oklahoma.

Twins Izara and Kain were perfectly happy in latte land. The Big Apple was their fruit of choice and Lady Liberty always had their back. Now they arrive in the Sooner State and the sooner they return to the Empire, the better.

Kain Torvik is a bit of a hot head. Umm… he K.O.’d his dad. Yeah but… his dad was a dick.

So, okay, Kain has some serious anger management issues and he’s rocking that whole teenage rebellion thing but still, he’s my favorite. He’s sarcastic, angry, mysterious, devilishly smart and emotionally unavailable. He’s a teenage girl’s dreamboat. Kain is untamable but Izzy does her best to corral her brother into boarding school obedience.

Surprising them both, the twins settle in nicely and are quick to make friends. Izzy hits it off with Lee, who is a QT and even Kain with his “I’m into you today, maybe not tomorrow, we’ll see” dating moto has found Izzy’s roommate Kia to be worthy of a date or two.

Consumed with the normalcy of school life; meeting new friends, dating, partying, drama club, basketball and primping (lots of primping), Izzy and Kain forget NYC and for the first time in a long time, they are happy. Now don’t go a hollerin’ Whoopie-ti-yi-yo just yet. We got ourselves a herd of weird and a shit-a-brick twister hittin’ the ranch.

“Amadeus, Amadeus. Come on rock me Amadeus.” You know that song? Falco? 1985? Whateva.

Amadeus brings the weird. I’m not sure how or why. Like Kain and Lee, he’s a baller but there is something up with the kid and it’s not his 3-pointer.

The Tompkin’s School is not what it seems.

The twins are determined to confirm their assumptions and during their investigation, they meet some new friends. Friends who just happen to live in 1910. Friends who have a lot in common with Izzy and Kain.

The Torvik twins are not who they claim.

Their snooping into the school’s history gets the attention of Chuck. Chuck is on to the twins. He knows they are hiding something and he’s going to find out.

Chuck is an ass. An arrogant ass who runs the school newspaper, is heir to the Tompkin throne and a psychopath.

Blame it on the moon…

The full moon forces the twins into a life they did not choose. Looking to the brothers of 1910 to guide them, they find themselves deeper and deeper into the darkness. Transforming from dark to light while maintaining the good student, teammate, friend, girlfriend, and boyfriend charade is breaking them down. Fighting their demons becomes a constant battle. A battle that eventually gets the best of Izzy. She loses her shit and does the unthinkable.

Tabi Slick’s writing style is fun and fast, filled with playful banter with the wisecracker Kain leading the charge. The story transforms from light to dark keeping your heart rate elevated. The characters are genuine, especially the relationship between Izzy and Kain. You can really feel the twin vibe kick in. Tompkin’s School for the Extraordinarily Talent ends with a bang and a big “who the hell are you” but with the next chapter coming out this August, we won’t have to wait long for answers.

The TRANSITION to Tompkin’s wasn’t easy but the twins manage to find their WINGS and possess our HEARTS.

Buy this book at Amazon.

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