Trump’s Chi-Town Tramp Stamp

On a recent visit to Chicago, I couldn’t help but notice TRUMP.

trump tower.jpg

How can you not? It screams for attention. It pushes all other buildings aside to be front and center. Look at me! I’m bigger! I’m shinier! I am the narcissist of architecture, the king of glass and aren’t you lucky to share this riverfront with me.

I understand the need to advertise yet all other skyline neighbors do it subtlety. Without ego. This is my building. This is my name at a normal size that does not take away from the majestic brilliance of this great city. I have the honor of doing business here and do not wish to tattoo it with disgrace.

Chicago is one of my favorite cities to visit and as a photographer who loves architecture; I spend most of my visits spinning on my heels, looking upward at the beauty towering above. Chicago is real. It’s a wonderful, windy city with wonderful, whimsy people. It is home to many wise companies who treasure their city, treat it with respect and don’t feel the need to “brand” it for themselves.

I’d like to present to you the Chicago I know and love. Chicago without the tramp stamp.

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