Recencione del Libro – Bittersweet by Aliya DalRae

Bittersweet by Aliya DalRae


Short and SWEET, Bittersweet by Aliya DalRae is a shifter love story introspectively scribed from the author’s own heart.

Malcolm was just minding his own business killing mice, prowling the hood and avoiding his frisky feline admirer Kythryn when his whole life shifted (pun intended). Purr-fect and white as snow, Kythryn’s sister Anna joined the Clowder and rocked his world. Malcolm wasn’t looking for love, in fact he was avoiding it like a dirty litter box but he could not resist Anna.

They hit it off immediately, vowed to love each other fur-ever and the next thing you know they are expecting a litter.

Again Malcolm’s whole life shifts and he does what he does best, hides. Hides from the Clowder, from Kythryn and from his pain. Despite the Clowder’s somewhat violent attempts to get Malcolm to face reality, he continues to hide. He’s a stubborn cat and too strong to be broken by torture.

Eventually, the pain becomes manageable and wiser thoughts prevail. Malcolm returns to human form and his neglected responsibilities. The Clowder offers him a SWEET job he can’t refuse and King Kat is born.

This short story by Aliya DalRae is brilliant, moving and full of heart. Malcolm’s heart break is written with such realism, you feel his pain. The story leads you straight to the doorstep of Jessica Sweet and Aliya’s first book, Sweet Vengeance (read that review here). Bittersweet is a wonderful addition to the Sweet series and another work of art by Aliya DalRae.

Buy this book at Amazon.

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