Recencione del Libro – Guardian Core by Scarlett Van Dijk

Guardian Core by Scarlett Van Dijk

Guardian Core

Guardian Core, is Scarlett Van Dijk’s second book of the Sky Stone series. Having read the first book, Sky Stone, I was eager to see the romance between Skyla and Aaron blossom in book two.

Right out of the gate, Skyla gets dumped. Aaron, who she thought was the love of her life, dumps her and takes off. Without a reason. Just “I don’t love you” goodbye.

In my review of Sky Stone, I loved Aaron and sang his praises. And I quote…

“Aaron is the perfect guy. Supportive but not smothering. Protective but not possessive. Sexy but…but nothing. Just sexy.”

Boy do I know men. I sure can pick ‘em.

Skyla doesn’t have much time to dwell on her broken heart because she’s been pressured into playing leader of the Guardian Core complete with her very own action hero figure with real bow and quiver. She doesn’t actually get an action figure but wouldn’t that be cool? She does get a statue of her on the grounds much to her dismay.

The Core is group of Sky Guardians who all live together and work together to help those in need. They take jobs that best suit their powers and venture out to save the day. Kind of like the Avengers without suits, egos and unnecessary, overdramatic slow motion scenes.

I enjoyed the group of Guardians. Harvey pulling stone from ground to build the Core’s castle. Michelle’s flirtatious flitting about and drying out rain soaked clothing with her water manipulation power. Imogene providing their personal transit system by teleportation. And James…

James O’Connor. Just hearing his name you know you are in for trouble. He’s the sexy Sky Guardian who manipulates the wind and blows smoke up Skyla’s ass. At first she blows him off thinking he’s a player and he does have a player vibe but soon she relents. Partly because how can you not and partly because the White Maiden told her to.

Here I go again. James is the perfect guy. Supportive but not smothering (well maybe just a little). Protective but not possessive (well maybe just a little) Sexy but…but nothing. Just sexy.

James saves Skyla’s life, again and again and what does Skyla do to repay the favor, well let’s just say old habits die hard. A blast from her past returns to haunt her. A love is lost. A love is gained and the Sky Guardians have battles yet to win.

The story and the characters in this series are great. There are grammatically questionable spots and some over usage of words but those slight flaws don’t distract. The writing is a bit young at heart for me but it suits its intended audience. The genre is young adult and because of this, it feels a little immature. Throughout the book, I could almost feel the author holding back and I wanted to scream, “let them loose”. The Core would be such a kick ass fun house. Skyla would tell Aaron to go fuck himself, Michelle would get shitfaced and dance on the bar and James would…maybe I should leave that to the imagination.

Regardless of my need to make the Core go “hard core” the story and the characters are entertaining and Guardian Core leaves you wanting for more.

Buy this book at Amazon.

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