Recencione del Libro – The Wisdom (The Descendants #3) by Vrinda Pendred

The Wisdom (The Descendants #3) by Vrinda Pendred

The Wisdom.jpg

Round three of Vrinda Pendred’s Wisdom series is a knock out. The Wisdom (The Descendants #3) is chockablock with sucker punches and low blows. Can the characters roll with the punches or will they throw in the towel. Let’s meet our contenders.

They may be rookies to the ring but don’t let their lightweight status fool you, Paige and Xavier pack a punch. Paige, the teleporter and Xavier, well let’s just call him fish boy, are the duo you want in your corner should the world be experiencing a flood of biblical proportions and you’ve lost your ticket to Noah’s Ark.

Returning to the arena for the middleweight division are Melody and Verdi. Fresh from the nail salon and a head full of Aqua Net, Melody is a melodic enchantress with a smash hit. Verdi is a cornucopia of skill and his ability to control plants allows him to easily weed out his competition.

The referee for the heavyweight match is Oz. We can expect a fair fight with Oz as the third man in the ring. A ref that can raise the dead seldom has problems keeping the fight clean.

It’s time for the main event. The heavyweights – Seth versus Aidan. The rivalry between these two god-like boys is well known. There’s always been bad blood between them and this bout is sure to get nasty. Seth is mouthy and a bit of a brawler but with the power to create things out of thin air, it’s no wonder he’s the defending champ. Aidan can manipulate molecules, so he’s no namby-pamby.

If you ask my bookie, he’ll tell you where my wagers lay. All bets in – Seth is my victor. He’s cute, a smart-ass and can make scones appear out of the air if you want a snack or a submarine if the Earth is flooding. Perfect boyfriend. But not to Itzy.

And where is Itzy Loveguard? She is on Nibiru with Quetzal and the giants. Nibiru being a planet that’s also a spaceship. Who is Izty Loveguard? That’s what she’s trying to sort out. Is she God? Is she the Wisdom? Is she just a normal teenage girl?

Hell no. Nothing normal about Itzy. Normal girls don’t create worlds, friends or a hot boyfriend named Aidan.

While Itzy is on a Nibiru “discover who you really are” holiday, the contenders are left to fend for themselves. Loathing in self-pity and disappointment the has-beens are smacked in the face with reality. The world is literally self-destructing.

First is the rain, torrential rain accompanied by cyclonic wind. Seth waves his hand and like a magician, the windows of the house are boarded up. Next up floods. Seth creates a submarine. What now – volcanoes and lava. Snap! Seth provides a flying ship and serves everyone dinner. Like I said, perfect boyfriend.

Seth isn’t the only one saving the day while Itzy is at the spa. All the contenders do their share keeping each other alive and just when you think they are down for the count, Ding, ding, ding! Saved by the bell.

This series continues to impress. The world created by Vrinda Pendred is complex, creative and character driven. Step into her ring and prepare for the sucker punch. Mama gonna knock you out.

Buy this book here.

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