Recencione del Libro – Fractured by Jessica Jesinghaus

Fractured by Jessica Jesinghaus


Did you see Finding Dory? She’s the blue fish that is actually Ellen DeGeneres who suffers from short-term memory lost and keeps forgetting where she is? Well…

Um, who? What? Where?

Where was I? Yes. Where was I? That would be the first question Thom asks himself in Fractured by Jessica Jesinghaus.

“Where was I?” Poor Thom. You are in the rain, in the dark, in the woods and you seem to have misplaced your shoes. Not a good sign. Maybe you are a Hobbit. Maybe your name is not Thom. Maybe it’s Bilbo.

Next question:

“Was that blood?” Yes Thom, it is. On your hands no less. Oh, are you having another Dory moment? How convenient.

Next question:

What happened here? Dog owners ask this a lot. You come home from work to find your floor has been replaced by toilet paper or the stuffing from what once was “Teddy” or “Doggie” or “Ewok”. Thom wants to know…what happened here. Colonel Nathan R. Jessup will tell you…”You can’t handle the truth”.

FIND THEM – scrawled in blood on the wall.

Find Them. When you are swimming in a pool of your own blood and you want to let someone, anyone, know “whodunnit”, by all means do take the time to use your own blood and dying breath to BE OF NO HELP AT ALL!

Find Them. Find what? Things? A person? “Couldn’t have thought of a better clue?” I grumbled, then shook my head sadly. “Sorry man, you probably did your best.”  

Your best? Really Thom? Even I could have come up with a more appropriate blood scrawl:

“I’ve been killed Sherri Carter. This is my blood and she killed me because I beat her at the spelling bee in junior high and I stole her boyfriend in high school. Yeah it was just for a day but it must have pissed her off.”

Whodunnit? Sherri Carter! Louder! Sherri Carter!

And finally, the question that makes complete sense – What. The. Fuck?

Exactly. Answer me that…Dory…I mean Thom.

Fractured is a short story you can read in a half hour. It’s actually two stories in one. The guy who lost his memory and the guy who got it back. Fractured is a dark and disturbing labyrinth of a deranged mind and there is no way out. Every time you think you have a clue about what is going on, Jessica Jesinghaus kicks you in the gut and twists your mind like a wet dishcloth. Wringing it out and laying it out to dry.

A fractured mind, a shattered soul and a story that swallows you whole…in under 30 minutes.

Buy this book at Amazon.

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