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Welcome blog hoppers from the Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo 2017.

My name is Kyra Leary (Ame Terra) and I write what readers tell me is a mix of science fiction, romance, dystopian and paranormal. The series is called Earth No. 105. I have two books published and a third in editing.


Earth No. 20 Imprisoned

Libro Illustrato by Kyra features my books as well as my photography Photo Listato and “weird and witty” book reviews.

The best way to introduce the insanity that is Earth No. 105 is to let the characters have their say.


I’m Ryker Chale and until recently I thought I was just a  typical high school senior trying to stay out of trouble. Then I met Luna and the father I never knew and my life did a 360 straight to hell.

Learn more about Ryker here.


Learn more about Luna here.

Luna Koen is my name but now I know my real identity, the Seer. I am an Immune with the power to see to the future. Oh and I can project images from my eyes like a movie projector. Cool right? Not really. Especially when you see things like this:


This is Cetabri City, the largest city in Aaricem after being destroyed by a food shortage, financial crisis and Jabpun Fever.


I am Tova Jurek. I am the mother of two young children, best friend of Alina Lon and widow of Shem Jurek who died in Cetabri City from Jabpun Fever. Shortly after the City was destroyed, Alina assigned Jash Majeed to be my bodyguard. His mission was to transport my family to the Safe House. The moment I met him…I was doomed.

Learn more about Tova here.


The name is Alina Lon, Director of the A.T.A. (Aaricem Terrorism Agency). I was in way over my head and dealing with my own personal demons when the attacks began. Even with Jash on my side, I couldn’t contain the evil I was facing. When the Safe House was bombed, I had no choice but to call for back up.

Learn more about Alina here.

The Safe House

The Safe House was the safest place in Aaricem, until it wasn’t. Concealed with a magic force and built below ground, all TARP’s (Top Aaricem Ranked People) were relocated to the Safe House. Jash Majeed was given the job of transporting Tova to the Safe House. He had no intention of falling in love on the job.


I am Jash Majeed. I can’t tell you my story. My history is painful and pain is an emotion best left deep inside of me. Where it is safe. Where it won’t kill the people I love. I’ve been cursed with the inability to show emotion by an evil goddess named Danna. Danna and I had, how to put it, a dysfunctional relationship for 10 Earths. She gave me powers I didn’t ask for and couldn’t control. With the help of Zander and Darek, I finally broke my addiction to her and escaped her imprisonment. I am now a hunted man. Hunted and haunted.


Learn more about Jash here.


My name is Zander Chale. I am a Prime from Earth No. 1 and spy for the Immunes. My job is to spy on Danna. Everyday I live in her darkness, risking exposure and enduring her drama while trying to keep my family safe. The Immunes safe. Jash safe. My job sucks.

Learn more about Zander here.


Learn more about Darek here.

Hey there Hodad. I am Darek Kemp the best surfer on any Earth. I’m a Prime like Zander. Oh did I mention that I can fly. Yeah, yeah I know it’s rad but I can also erase memories and disintergrate shit. I’m not one to worry about shit I can’t control. I don’t do heavy but piss me off and I’ll show you heavy. I do have a dark side. Sometimes I flip the switch but the darkest of dark, the revenge I’ve been plotting for 105 Earths, that is all for Danna. She will pay for what she did to Jash, Cetabri City and Faaric.


Oh please. Those pesky Immunes are always blaming me for such nonsense.


Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoyed the crew of Earth No. 105.

My books are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks and ebooks. Click here for shopping links.

More b2bcycon action this weekend:

Book bundle giveaways. Earth No. 105 is part of the science fiction/fantasy bundle. Sign up to win here.

Join all the science fiction authors at the b2bcycon Sci-fi Soiree on Facebook, Saturday, April 8th from 3:00pm EST to midnight. I will be on from 10:00pm EST to 11:00pm EST with games, book giveaways and Amazon gift cards.

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