Recencione del Libro – Fire of Stars and Dragons by Melissa Petreshock

Fire of Stars and Dragons (Stars and Souls Book 1) by Melissa Petreshock


A long time ago, there was a place you could go to borrow books. It was called a Library and guess what, the books were free. Yes, that four letter word we all love. I still borrow books from the Library albeit digitally through my Overdrive app but still for free.

Also a long time ago, people worked in the same town they lived in. Now we sit in hours of traffic. Yes, the seven letter word we all hate. I do my best reading (listening) in my Subaru with my free library borrowed audiobooks. And this one almost caused an accident…

There are three “men” in the car with me, demanding my attention with breathy exotic accents and sexy supernatural bodies. This situation tends to result in distracted driving. Theo Pendragon speaks, his voice a steamy growl converting my car into a scaled creature leaping off a balcony…shit…I’m in the breakdown lane again. Theo is a dragon. Enough said. There is not much better-but wait, he’s a dragon assigned to protect Caitriona “Cait” Hayden who proceeds to fall in love with her, bed her and marry her. He does all this as I stare blankly at the brake lights in front of me.

Let’s throw a demigod and a vampire into the mix shall we. Corrin, the vamp and Dante, the demigod are also fighting to win Cait’s hand in marriage. Corrin in a way that only a vampire would, with intense and somewhat dangerous intentions simultaneously haunted by conflicted feelings of love. Typical vamp problems-I want to kill you but I love you. Dante, the romantic demigod, who also happens to be an original vampire, courts Cait like a true gentleman. All hearts and flowers and swoon worthy confessions of love that turn the brake lights into heart beats pulsing at 5 mph.

Who is this Cait Hayden? What makes her so damn special and how can I run her over with my car? She is the North Star. Duh. This is dragon talk for we will follow her blindly to the end of the Earth and we will die for her without question and only Theo can have sex with her. Who wants to be Cait? Me! Me! Me! I thought so. Cait is sassy, smart and strong. She’s likeable in a “BFF who gets all the guys” kind of way. Remember that girl? Every high school has one. What her purpose is has yet to be revealed but it’s big, like goddess big…maybe.

This book is a sexy, fast paced race of seduction with gorgeous men who are all a hot mess. And did I mention one of them is a dragon? What’s not to like. The writing is well done and the story (there is a story here but my dragon mind wanders) is both creative yet conforming to what you’d consider “normal” for the paranormal. Location, location-Corrin takes Cait to dinner at the Black Rose. Being a Boston gal, I thought that was (I apologize for my language) wicked pissah. Read this book or better yet, listen to this book. It’s a good time. And try and keep your eyes on the road.

Buy this book at Amazon.

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