Recencione del Libro – The Veiled Soul by Abbie Chandler

The Veiled Soul by Abbie Chandler


The Grim Reaper. What’s the first thing that comes to mind? A cloaked skeleton? A scary dude carrying a crop cutting blade? That’s what I thought too until I read The Veiled Soul. Turns out reapers are hot chicks with childlike perceptions who dream in flashbacks. Pretty cool right?

Guys. Listen up. If you think your girlfriend is a big bag of crazy, you haven’t met Lia. Lia, the hot reaper, is nutty as a fruitcake. I guess having your memories stripped over and over would result in an unsound mind so cut her some slack. Lia rides the 305 pages at a manic pace. One minute she’s on a date at the State Fair with Hunter eating fried Oreos and the next minute she’s a blood hungry slut holding a knife to the throat of some guy she just met at a bar. Miss Crazy controls the tempo of the book. When she’s tormented and tempted to give into her bloodlust, the pace quickens. When Miss Normal is in the house, the pace slows. At either velocity, she controls the race.

The boys all stumble and slip in their various attempts to mop up her messes. Westin plays a protector with a hidden agenda, Hunter plays doctor and dumbstruck lover and Charlie…well Charlie needs his own batshit crazy narrative. Charlie and Lia share a secret. This secret is another way of saying dysfunctional relationship. As in the “I love you so much I will leave you a dead body on your doorstep” dysfunction. You would think a guy like Charlie would have trouble making friends but think again. He befriends Connor, the only character in the book who seems to have his head on straight. Connor finds the humor in the horror as noted in his assessment of the sorry situation he finds himself in.

“Move to America. Check. Ace your first semester. Check. Befriend a serial killer. Check. Get yourself killed. Check.”

Abbie Chandler writes in a conversational slow burn. She litters the pages with thought provoking clues guiding the brain through this plot building nightmare. The story is well written and the characters, as twisted as they may be, are a likeable bunch. This is not your typical action packed drama that flies in hot from page one. It’s a slower paced, follow the bread crumbs type of story that leaves the mind both mildly disturbed and mildly pleased. The story itself is a creative fresh concept to be applauded. Giving the dead a voice and making them come to life on a page is not easy. Well, maybe for a necromancer but I’m pretty sure Abbie is not one. Yet. Read this one with a clever unhurried mindset and hold on to your soul.

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