140 Characters

What would you do if your universe only had 140 characters? I’m not talking about characters from a novel, play or movie. I’m talking this…


51 characters. A swat at the keyboard and BAM – 51 characters.

This universe I speak of is called Twitter. Oh you don’t tweet? I understand. It’s not easy. It’s an art form that many minds just cannot comprehend.

For example, you might want to tell the world about your trip to Italy so you boot up your laptop, log into Twitter and type:

My 2 week trip to Italy. In Florence I saw the Statue of David. Next we went to Rome and waited in line for 3 hours just to enter the Coloss…

I’m sorry, your 140 characters have been depleted.

Tweeting makes you think. It forces you to condense your life into meaningful little morsels instead of long-winded mush.

Indie authors bring the meaningful little morsels and then some to the Twitterverse. They are masters of the 140. They entertain within restriction.

It’s a #hashtag author party at Twitter on a daily basis. A word is presented and the author uses the word from their work in progress while maintaining the 140. Here are some samples of morsel masters. I’ve added the appropriate visuals because the 140 deserves some bling.


I ain’t one to stop young love, but son do you know what you’re doing?

Dad she brings me waffles.

Son she’s 67 years old.

Photo Feb 20, 9 44 55 AM


I’ve never been afraid of the dark. The things that have truly horrified me have always happened in the light of day.



Nick jammed the pistol in the mob boss’ mouth, cracked open a fortune cookie next to his Kung Pao chicken. “Says you’re fucked.”



I was content as an only child and thus spent my brother’s youth daring him to do things like eat Legos & take candy from strangers.

Starburst Stealth.jpg


Listen, Rig. Only you’d think this is news, but Odin’s a dick. He’s a great big box of dicks wrapped in dick paper. Forget him.

Cone Head.jpg


Panic followed the confusion of consciousness. Wherever he was now, his death sentence clearly hadn’t been carried out properly.



Hanes picked up the Tarot cards and started to flip through them. “I’m curious,” he said. “Which card is the Pathetic Cat Lady?”



3 thoughts on “140 Characters

  1. Reblogged this on WordyNerdBird and commented:
    Inspired by Kyra Leary, I’m going to add a new regular feature to my posts here.
    The “Top 140” will feature the best of what I find when trawling twitter.

    You’ll thank me. You’ll want to follow them, too!

    PS: If you’re on twitter, follow @jvlpoet and @LearyKyra. They’ll brighten your day. Honestly.


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