Recencione del Libro – The Stable House by Laura Smith

The Stable House by Laura Smith


Warning: Do not attempt to read this book without adhering to the following protocol.

Grab “Doc” and the DeLorean, check the flux capacitor and go back to 1995.
Morph into an eleven-year-old girl
If you are unable to agree to the recommended terms of this encounter, “oh my god” don’t even.

Morphing back to my eleven-year-old self was easy since, well, I still struggle with adulthood but reversing to 1995, what the hell? Google tells me I missed a lot during my experimental teens. Things like the Oklahoma City bombing, the Grateful Dead breaking up and William Wallace’s famous horseback cry – “They may take away our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom!”

Hello McFly?

Right. The review of The Stable House. It is a play by play of Heidi’s mind. Remember your mind at eleven? Remember what filled it? Babysitting, the mall, friends and boys. That is exactly what this book is about. Heidi is just about the sweetest tween in town. She helps Violet, the elderly neighbor, with her yard work and babysits the kids next door. She listens to her Jewel CD and carries quarters for phone calls. Simplicity.

The drama, I should say “real” drama because every tween thinks their lives are filled with drama, unfolds with three major life events: a babysitting faux pas, a house fire and a bad dog. I’ll give Heidi a pass on the house fire. Drama deserved at any age. There is also some boy trouble and some “as if” friend turmoil. Think Valley Girls.

Heidi’s brother Dan plays football. It’s a big deal in Heidi’s simple mind. In my adult mind, Dan could have been a contender and I found myself writing a plot just for him. Dan had that Back to the Future “if my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour you’re going to see some serious shit” feel. A sequel of stud possibilities.

The Stable House is well written and organized by Laura Smith. A good read for a very specific audience-a young, patient mind (if those still exist).

Buy this book at Amazon.

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