Recencione del Libro – Sweet Vengeance by Aliya DalRae

Sweet Vengeance by Aliya DalRae


Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hal-le-lu-jah! Sweet Jesus. I mean Sweet Jessica. I mean Jessica Sweet.

Let me reboot. Sweet Vengeance written by Aliya DalRae is the pièce de résistance. The chef-d’oeuvre. The tour de force. Translation: a damn good book about vamps, werewolves and shifters.

This book is FUNNY. Stop the press…surely she needs another reboot. We all know vampires are pompous egomaniacs with flawless skin and sexy European accents who know more about eyeliners than one-liners. Reboot? Byte me. This book is funny. Hysterical even. Tears rolling down your face, can I make it to the bathroom type of funny. The reason you are rolling on the floor? Welcome the smart-ass wit master, Ms. Jessica Sweet.

Yeah, she’s sweet like her name suggests. She takes in stray cats, saves small children from gravel pits and smells like honeysuckle but she’s no bonbon. She’ll kick your ass and your fructose, glucose, dextrose and any other sweet and sugary “oses” you try and sneak by her.

Alex: You don’t know what you’re facing out there. It could be a murderer or a rapist–anything!

Jessica: No, I made love with that guy earlier.

Sweet mother of god, who is “that” guy? His name is Raven and he is a vampire. Enough said. Full disclosure: I’m bit obsessed with vampires. It all started with the damn Count on Sesame Street and we all know where that leads – Buffy. I know my vamps and Raven rivals them all. He’s everything you want in a vampire yet he’s…different. A mix of all the good parts of my past obsessions.

He’s a bit Edward Cullen without that annoying everyday scowl. Part Lestat de Lioncourt without the “look I’m Tom Cruise the vampire but you only remember me wearing ray-bans and playing air guitar in my skivvies” feel. Visually, Raven might have the flare of a Damon Salvatore without that Damon…duh?

Don’t worry you card holding members of Vamps R Us; you’ll get your fill of all things male vampire. There is no lack of bloodlust or sexual tension. Raven is tormented by the “I love you but I want to kill you” sensation that all vamps struggle with yet he manages to do so with a modesty and decorum that I’ve never witnessed. Kudos to Aliya DalRae for creating such a rare creature in a typically repetitive genre.

The story itself is filled with quick, rush of blood chapters. You know the type? It’s 11:00pm on a Tuesday and you have to work tomorrow and you know you should sleep, but just one more. Done. They are short so just one more. Now it’s 2:00am and I am cursing Aliya DalRae and her creativity. There are no boring parts, no tedious history lessons, no “what the hell is going on” chapters. It’s all action, all the time and it all fits, nice and neat with a finale you won’t see coming.

Sweet Vengeance is one of the most entertaining vampire books I have ever read and Aliya DalRae writes with simple, comedic flare that the vamp world rarely sees and so desperately needs. As Klaus Mikaelson so elegantly defines the true nature of the beast, Sweet Vengeance delivers that and so much more. “Don’t underestimate the allure of darkness. Even the purest hearts are drawn to it.” And drawn to the sequel I am, although purest of hearts I have not.

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