Recencione del Libro – Longing by R.M. Gauthier

Longing by R.M. Gauthier


Longing is an interesting word. People long for love. They long for home and the good old days. Women long to be 36-24-36. Me? I long for Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey, a Lego free floor, 8 hours of dog free, kid free, snore free sleep and Landon Miller (maybe, not sure).

Longing by R.M. Gauthier starts with Leroy and his pursuit to find his troubled sister and ends where her second book, Control, starts. It’s clearly a trap. Leroy is the decoy to the camouflaged world of Landon Miller and I was a sitting duck.

Decoy or not, Leroy earned his wings and his first class seat even if it was only a one hour flight. In Control, he rides in coach. Leroy is a likable guy trying to do right by his family. His life takes a turn when he starts working as a manager at Landon’s club that’s, well let’s just say – has a very exclusive membership.

It’s a chatty book. By that I mean conversational. I like chatty books. I’ve read my share of books that are scripted and factual…distant. R.M. Gauthier brings you into the conversation. You feel Leroy’s pain through his words. You hate yourself when the words of the chain smoking Martin make you like him. It’s chummy. Like making new friends.

Readers beware! Beware of becoming caught in R.M. Gauthier’s snare. She lures you in with quick, train wreck chapters. She’s a carrot dangler. A temptress who leaves you LONGING for more. More CONTROL.

Buy this book at Amazon.

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