Recencione del Libro – Mirror, Mirror by Jessica Jesinghaus

Mirror, Mirror by Jessica Jesinghaus


Mirror, mirror on the wall…what the hell happened? That is the question I asked myself over and over while reading Mirror, Mirror by Jessica Jesinghaus.

Cause this is thriller, thriller at night 

And no one’s gonna save you from the beast about to strike

You know it’s thriller, thriller night

You’re fighting for your life inside a killer thriller, tonight

Sorry about breaking out the MJ lyrics but the King of Pop sums it up nicely.

Who is this beast about to strike? Could it be Patrick, the handsome cop new to the beat? No…it must be Tony, the newspaper editor who suspiciously left town and returned?

Have no fear, Sam is on the case. She’s a newspaper reporter with bad luck. I’m talking about Luke thinking he nabbed the hot princess only to find out Leia is his sister type of bad luck.

Sam was looking for a killer not a lover. She got both.

Patrick was looking for a lead not a lover. He got both.

Patrick and Sam are adorable and their love continues to grow despite the murders, betrayal and mayhem they live with daily. Sam and Jen are also adorable. I just love me some BFF love and these two roomies are Gr8.

Mirror, Mirror is a frustrating read. Frustrated as in “what the fuck…I was sure it was Colonel Mustard in library with the wrench but wait…Professor Plum you sneaky little bastard”. If a thriller doesn’t leave you second-guessing yourself, what’s the thrill? Mirror, Mirror had me second-guessing and third-guessing and fourth-guessing until the end. Follow the clues, hold on to your hat and enjoy the ride but remember…

Objects in the MIRROR are closer than they appear.

Buy this book at Amazon.

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