A Place to Kiss


A kiss has many meanings. A motherly peck on the cheek of a child. A slobbery lick from a beloved pet. A chocolate made by Hershey. A rock band featuring a bass guitarist with an extremely long tongue. A gentle brush of the lips from your elderly spouse. An intense, take me now honeymoon lip lock.

Oh the many ways we have all tried to “get to first base”. Playing spin the bottle was always a sure bet as was drinking a bottle of vodka. In the 50’s teenagers liked to try their hand at back seat bingo aka necking in daddy’s Buick. And nothing screams pressure like “The Kiss Cam” at sporting events.

Brits enjoy snogging. Roman documents are legally binding when sealed with a kiss. The French use their tongues. Eskimos use their noses.

It doesn’t matter where you come from. It doesn’t matter where you want to go.

There is always a place to kiss.

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