Jash Majeed


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Earth No. 105: Birth – Chapter 14

“Relax Daddy. I don’t fuck pregnant women. I did that once but feeling that thing moving around the whole time… a total turn off.”

Earth No. 105: Birth – Chapter 11

“When I say she was hot, I mean radiating. Sex was literally radiating off her. It lingered in the air between us, provoking me. And the bitch knew it. She took the Jashness, swirled it into submission then squashed it in the palms of her hands. I was speechless.”

Earth No. 105 – Chapter 28

“I feel everything. All your muscles moving, your blood pumping through your veins. It’s overwhelming. You are overwhelming to me. To feel you, it’s intense.”


This video is for mature audiences. For the best viewing experience, click HD in the lower right corner and view full screen. Enjoy!



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