Darek Kemp


Darek Kemp Interview.jpg


Earth No. 105.2 – Chapter 12

“I don’t know what it means kid. All I know is that my Azzurra was taken from me. By that bitch. And my best friend was taken from me. By that bitch. And I am going reign down a firestorm of hate like she’s never seen before. The bitch will burn like the witch she is and I’ll be in the front row with a big fucking bag of popcorn.”

Earth No. 105.2 – Chapter 1

“She is meant to fly. That must be it. You should fly like your dad. Leave the sissy teleporting to the Chale boys.”

Earth No. 105: Birth – Chapter 9

“Behold these ankle busters. Even a barney like you could handle this. Azzurra let us leave these two paddlepusses.”

Earth No. 105: Birth – Chapter 16

“No fucking heads up? Thanks a lot friend. While you were off doing…What is it you do again exactly? Nothing. That’s it. Fucking nothing. While you were doing fucking nothing, I lost Azzurra and the baby. You are fucking useless. You don’t deserve to be Immune. Shit like you should just die.”

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