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Title:              Earth No. 105

Author:          Ame Terra


This is Earth No. 105. Create, destroy, and repeat.  But 105 is different.  It is like no other Earth.

The condition of being free from all flaws and defects is a condition which often requires repetition. Constant failure of said repetition often results in insanity.  This insanity must end.


Tova Jurek is a middle-aged wealthy housewife living in the snobby upper class suburb of Krenaw City. Across the river is Cetabri City where Jabpun fever has just been unleashed.  The latest terrorist attack to hit Aaricem, Earth’s largest country and economic strong hold.  Shem Jurek, Tova’s narcissistic husband and father of her two children, has been exposed by infected co-workers and is in lockdown at Cetabri Funds.  Locked down to die.  Alina Lon, Tova’s best friend and executive director of the Aaricem Terrorist Agency, assigned Jash Majeed to be Tova’s bodyguard.  Jash’s job was to keep Tova safe.  Falling in love was not in the job description.

Ryker Chale is a seventeen year old senior at Cetabri City High School. On the first day of senior year, he meets Luna Koen; a beautiful girl with blue eyes the size of moons.  The intensity of their attraction, their connection, is unearthly.  Both wear identical rings, plain bands made of a shiny black stone.  Ryker received his as a gift from his father.  The father he never met.  Luna bought hers at a thrift shop.  The Wearers of the Rings navigate the terrorist attacks on Cetabri City while changes to their bodies and minds manifest quickly like the chaos that surrounds them.  Something supernatural is happening to them.  As they search for answers, their love for each other grows, as does the hell that consumes them.

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About the author:  

Ame Terra means love earth in Portuguese. The author loves earth, writing, traveling, photography and wine. In her first novel, Earth No. 105, she swirls love and chaos into sweet little morsels of suspense. She lives in Lowell, Massachusetts with her husband, son and rescue pup Odie.

photo 7

Ame Terra

Upcoming projects: 

Earth No. 105: Birth (Book #2) The second book in the series is expected to be released by the end of 2016. In Birth, readers start where it all began, on day two of Earth No. 105. In the days that follow, Danna’s insanity is exposed; Zander and Anwen meet and the mysterious powers and personality of Jash Majeed are unveiled.

“Welcome to Earth No. 105. A toast,” Danna declares as her voice echoes off the bare walls of the penthouse.

            Everyone at headquarters raises their champagne filled flutes as Danna prepares herself for yet another toast to a new Earth. I wonder what she plans to do with this one and how long it will last. She taps a knife to the glass and waits for silence. Her black suit an extreme contrast to HQ’s white walls. A calculated decision I’m sure.

            “To starvation, poverty and disease,” our Leader states with overdramatic and sinister undertones. Dramatic and sinister, that is Danna.

            She raises her glass with a dark smile. All her minions salute and shout in agreement. She searches the room for me. I follow her gaze until those cold calculating eyes make contact. She tilts her glass in my direction, a long distance toast. I tip my beer bottle to her and then take a big swig.

            So there you have it, more starvation, poverty and disease.


The Youngling (a sexy romance) 45 year old Kendra Kingston and 26 year old Aidan Patrick struggle with reality, rapture and the forbidden romance that consumes them.

Mimesis (a paranormal romance) The romantic journey of Kenna and Falcon, featuring an unusual mix of a blind artist, drug addiction and a catastrophe that brings to light the powers within.

Earth No. 105 Series (a sci-fi/paranormal/romance) The series continues with Earth No. 20, a short sexy story highlighting Jash and Danna and their twisted love affair followed by Earth No. 105.2 which brings readers back to Ryker and Luna as their love and powers take on a life of their own.

Giveaway: In the blink of an eye, you could win a giveaway of Ame Terra’s book Earth No. 105.  Look for the logo below every day during the Virtual Book Fair, November 12th to November 21st on our Facebook page and the first person to request a copy wins.


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